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From banking and burnout to a new start and an exciting future. How Gyrotonic gave Estelle Brack the courage to start something new.

Estelle Brack, economist and banker discovered the Gyrotonic Method in 2008 after a knee surgery. "I really needed to go further than the classical rehab after surgery. A friend of mine talked to me about the Gyrotonic work. I began and never stopped." After ten years of practising, she is now a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer as well as a snowboarder, kitesurfer, economist and banker.

"I think my body was ready for Gyrokinesis movements. I had very kind teachers and they pushed me to study to become a trainer. I’m more into snowboarding, kitesurfing, and judo – not dancing. I said, “No, It’s not for me. I’m too heavy. I’m not a dancer.” Then I did the pre-training and the foundation for certification… and now it feels so natural!

Estelle received a PhD in banking and finance decades ago. She wanted to work as an economist and manage projects in money, payments, and banking. "I’d been working for a bank for 20 years. In parallel, I was doing a lot of snowboarding and surfing. Working for a bank was a way to learn a lot about professional practice, but the more I went to Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Training, the more I was finding myself and my own balance. I was uncomfortable with banking."

Estelle explained it was mainly down to the people. "It’s a big company. You have to develop and implement new projects, but you also have to manage egos. There are some people with very deep and big egos. I liked to have the contract, money, and security, but at that moment I felt that my life outside the company was bigger than my life inside the company. Everything was disconnected. From myself, from nature."

Estelle was invited to speak at many conferences as an expert, globally. In Europe, Africa, the States, and Canada. Within the bank, people wanted her material and knowledge, but they were not ready to accept her as the person she was. "So, I had burnout at the beginning of 2019 because the distance between ‘me in the job’ and ‘being myself’ was too big. So I quit… and founded my company. I don’t earn any money yet, but I feel free. It’s so good. I can balance consulting in banking, Gyrokinesis, and Gyrotonic practice."

After going swimming with a colleague, and discussing what they could do as a business they started talking about forming their own bank. We said, “Okay, let’s do that!”

Estelle believes that becoming a Gyrokinesis & Gyrotonic trainer pushed her to the limits she thought she had. "So now I have no limits. Other people try to put limits on me, but my father told me I can be anyone I want to be.

My body is a really good instrument and it’s working very well. I did some wakeboarding this summer for the first time, and the guy on the boat couldn't believe it was my first time. I could feel the right movement really quickly because of the connection that now exists between my mind and my body. There are no limits. Gyrotonic has taught me to know my body and not to think about my limits. It’s not about thinking, it’s just doing."

Estelle intends to continue teaching Gyrotonic in France even after she's opened her new bank. She believes Gyrotonic has given her the courage to trust her instincts.

"We only live once. If we are thinking about the things that make us happy, that means we are in the right moment. Life is supposed to be fun. Life can be difficult and painful, but a good thing to follow is to have fun with what we do. Many people don’t want to leave their job because they are afraid of not having enough money.

I would not say it’s wrong, but we shouldn’t think like that. Money comes when you are in the right place. It’s a means, not a destination. If you are in the right place, connected with yourself. The best choice is not always the most difficult. Sometimes when it’s easy, it’s because you are going in the right direction."

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