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How Pilates Can Help You

Pilates is the perfect exercise system for the 21st-century lifestyle. It works as an antidote to days spent hunched over a computer, driving in rush-hour traffic and carrying heavy bags. You don’t need to be in a studio or have special equipment to do a Pilates work-out: you can practise any time, any place, fitting it into your daily routine in the way that’s most convenient.  You will see and feel the difference soon after you start lessons, developing a flatter stomach, improved posture and looser, more flexible joints.

Hayley studied Pilates under Alan Herdman, a leading world expert, who introduced Pilates to the UK in 1970 and has been adapting and developing the system ever since to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life.

Hayley can offer a one to one session where she will assess your needs and create a programme especially for you, or you can join in a group class. Please contact Hayley for more information, or you can book a session online

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