Keelan Oakley,
Professional Tennis Player
British No 19, Top 1,000 ATP Full Time Coach at The Training Base, Brighton

'Since I've been working with Hayley doing Gyrotonic exercises I have noticed a big difference in not only awareness of my own body, but also my ability to put my body in positions that look stressful on court,  but are controlled. The Gyrotonic method has helped strengthen my back so it feels comfortable and stronger in all positions and I haven't had a back spasm in 18 months which has been amazing as I was getting them every 3 months! Hayley's been a fantastic teacher and helps me understand my body better which for me is key'.

Julian Cash,
Junior British Champion
935 ATP singles ranking
676 ATP doubles ranking
Career high no. 17 NCAA singles
Career high no. 1 NCAA doubles

"I’m a professional tennis player and looking after my body is just as important as the training and matches themselves. Hayley keeps my body feeling great and injury free. If it’s a flush massage during competition or deep tissue at the end of a long training week, massage is key to my recovery. I would recommend Hayley to athletes seeking better ways to recover and to anyone who is looking to relax and release tensions in their body."

Dominic Spicer.jpg

Dom Spicer
American college tennis player
and Sussex County player

"Hayley's sports massages have been excellent for keeping my body fresh and injury free coming back to full time training and competition since a break due to the pandemic. Would highly recommend if you're after a deep tissue sports massage from a top class professional."

Katarina Stresnakova

"I have been ranked 140 in juniors, 900 wta in singles and 700 wta in doubles and I have also been ranked number 16 in singles in America while I was in college. “I know that recovery is extremely important for athletes to be able to perform at the highest level possible. Hayley does an amazing job to keep me healthy and ready to compete in my tournaments.”


Katarina Stresnakova.jpg

Patricia Rhodes

"I am privileged to have worked with Hayley for about twenty years, and I am sure my comparative freedom of movement has a lot to do with the time and care Hayley takes to adapt each lesson around my particular physical problems.  Now in my eighties, with osteoporosis and a few other niggles,  I walk the dog for a mile each day, have a large vegetable garden and in general feel healthier than a person fifteen years younger.  The Gyrotonic fitness machine engages the whole body in a gentle but determined way, also stretching the mind to be aware of each muscle.  It will tone, build and maintain the complete person (and is such fun to use).  Hayley is a competent, well trained and understanding person, who I totally trust."