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Accelerating healing with post-op massage

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible after surgery, a post-operative massage could make all the difference. Whether you've had general or orthopedic surgery, massage can help reduce scarring, pain and discomfort and help you to recover faster.

What is a Post-Operative Massage?

Post-operative massage is a gentle form of massage that increases blood flow and promotes recovery by targeting the lymphatic system. An improved lymph flow increases the removal of built-up metabolic wastes within muscles that slow down the healing process.

Reducing Pain

After surgery, a person can experience acute pain which generally occurs due to the damage caused to the muscle fibres and tissues. This pain can be anything from achy and sharp to shooting pains that restrict movement and increase stress and tension. Massage reduces this pain by stimulating blood flow which contains the oxygen and nutrients essential for improving recovery. Another cause of pain is the tension that's caused when muscles tighten to prevent further damage from occurring. This can happen at the time of your injury as well as after surgery. When blood flow is increased during a massage, it increases muscle temperature which encourages relaxation of muscle fibres. This relieves tension and further reduces acute pain.

Reducing Stress

Increased mental and physical stress is often common post-surgery. Muscle weakness and tension alongside the mental impact caused by lack of movement and pain can at times be all-consuming. Massage can help reduce stress post-surgery by increasing healing and encouraging relaxation both physically and mentally. Improving blood flow through massage provides muscles and tissues with the essential oxygen and nutrients needed for the repair and reformation of damaged muscles and tissues. As your physical pain begins to decrease so does your mental stress because you can begin to see results as your mobility starts to improve.

Reducing scarring

Because post-op massage helps to relax muscles, they become more supple which decreases the chance of scar tissue forming. Massage can also help break up scar tissue that has already formed and promote healing and regeneration of those problem areas.

Accelerated Healing

Massage promotes better blood flow and oxygen to your vital organs and tissues, so your body becomes more flexible and starts to regenerate and heal faster than it would without massage. For anyone who's had surgery and is looking for a faster and less painful recovery, it's got to be worth consideration.

Once your doctor or medical advisor has given you the all-clear, why not get in touch so we can talk through how massage can help you with your specific problem.

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