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Does massage help you sleep?

Sleep and rest are basic human needs essential to everyone's physical and psychological well-being. A lack of sleep will quickly cause irritability, grogginess, the inability to make decisions or follow through with cognitive functions. A continued lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain, anxiety, depression, lethargy and fatigue.

Although one day of sleep deprivation is not a cause for concern, it will still make changes to our mood, physical well-being, and overall cognitive function. There are several measures like massage therapy, music therapy and Yoga which can be used to treat sleeplessness, of which therapeutic massage is considered one of the most effective methods.

Massage is a natural method to combat stress

Therapeutic massage is an ideal way to deal with stress and health disorders naturally. A massage provides both physical and emotional wellness as well as benefits such as improved blood circulation, the release of endorphins that reduce pain, speedy recovery from injuries or chronic illness, and improvement in sleep.

The three main physical effects of therapeutic massage are release of muscle tension, increased blood circulation and initiation of relaxation. The release of muscle tension will improve balance and coordination, resulting in more restful sleep and reducing the need for pain medication. Increased circulation will improve nutrition to the tissues, remove waste products, reduce swelling, improve skin tone, relieve dryness and itching and aid speedy healing.

All studies using slow-stroke back massage and hand massage showed statistically significant improvement on physiological or psychological indicators of relaxation.

Critically ill patients in hospital are generally deprived of sleep and its potential healing qualities, although many receive medications to promote sleep. The results support that back massage, as an alternative or addition to pharmacological treatment, is a clinically effective nursing intervention for the promotion of sleep.

If you're suffering from lack of sleep why not get in touch and we can talk through how massage could help to ensure that elusive good night's sleep!


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