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Gyrotonic exercise leaves Miss Moneypenny neither shaken nor stirred

When Naomie Harris was chosen to play Moneypenny in Skyfall, she turned to the Gyrotononic Method to help get her body Bond ready. As shown in the Made for Bond campaign Naomie needed to be fighting fit and ready for action. In an interview for Women's Health magazine she explains how Gyrotonic exercise forms part of her fitness routine along with swimming and martial arts. 'You have to be very agile, swinging bags at people, fighting off the baddies and so on – to make it look believable yes you’ve got to be fit.'

You don't have to be a Bond girl to feel the benefits of Gyrotonic exercise. The system works for all ages and people with all kinds of fitness levels. Hayley Oxley offers one to one Gyrotonic sessions in her private studio in Hove, Brighton. As well as helping professional athletes, Hayley also works with Patricia Rhodes, an 86 year old who's been working with Hayley for more than 20 years. Patricia might have osteoporosis and a few other niggles, but she still walks the dog for a mile each day, looks after a large vegetable garden and in general feels healthier than a person fifteen years younger. 

"The Gyrotonic fitness machine engages the whole body in a gentle but determined way, also stretching the mind to be aware of each muscle.  It will tone, build and maintain the complete person and is such fun to use," says Patricia.  "Hayley is a competent, well trained and understanding person, who I totally trust."

In the words of a true James Bond enthusiast, you could say 'nobody does it better'.

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